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03-27-2003, 09:53 PM
Iv had these products for about 3-4 months now, Havnet used it much either due to the crappy winter and cold weather.

First the AMP:
The amp was purchased at Futureshop, It is the Rockford Fosgate 500bd model and it has a total of 1000Watts.
It was on sale for a Price of $599 dollars. (I have the receipt right here on my desk for a total of $689.98) The amp was used only 1/3 power and it comes with an extended 4yr warranty. (The warranty is stapled to the back of the receipt)

Check out the specs for the amp HERE:

The subs were purchased along with the Amp at Futureshop, but at different times...I think about 1 week after i bought the amp when i was lookn for subs...
They are MTX T6000 (thunder 6000) 12"s. and they are in a ported? (I think its where each speaker is seperated with a divider in the middle of the box right????) box. The box is 36" wide, and 14" Tall. and it fits pretty good, not to big.
Each speaker costs about 240ish (with taxes) brand new.... and the box cost me about 100 and change...


*** If you are interested, email me at jess1cah@hotmail.com with your name and number (im not interested in a 1 week conversation over EMAIL or PM.. id like to get them sold ASAP.)

Id like to expect something like $480 for the amp (700 dollar amp)
and quite possibily $380 For the subs.. (600 dollar setup)

Heres a pic of the setup!
http://www.imagestation.com/mypictures/inbox/view.html?id=4235174349&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.imagestation.com%2Fpicture%2F sraid57%2Fp46fb975fa489841a921e43265cd89c3e%2Ffc6f a1cd.jpg&caption=pcrf9

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