View Full Version : Just installed UUC Tranny Mounts/Enforcers

03-26-2003, 11:28 PM
These mounts are insanely easy to install, 50% of the work is getting the car on and off the jack stands.

With the mounts installed, I noticed a little increased cabin noise at like 1000rpm, but none at idle (with the clutch in or not). At like 4000 rpm (while parked) you can feel the engine through the seat a bit more, but nothing really disconcerning, you almost have to try to notice it. I also noticed that you can feel the starter a little more when you start the car.

While driving, it's a little noticable under acceleration, just a little more cabin vibration, but once again, it's not bad, plus if I had the stereo going I probably wouldn't even notice. It's definately more solid anyway.