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04-27-2010, 06:38 AM

i have a 92 325i and i have bought all the parts for the s52 swap and also the all the OBD1 parts for the swap. I have the engine in the car. but l need to have things cleaned up, and also have the rest of the top half and other components attached. I need the computer red label 413 tuned to the type of s52 and also the obd1 setup so the computer reads and properly runs with the car. I leaving to europe next month around the 21st of may, and would like to have this done before l go.
Can you get this done in time and what is $$$$ cost. If you need me to call to explain this better, just let me know.


04-27-2010, 07:57 AM
Your best bet is to call us to discuss this swap.

uber e36
06-12-2010, 09:15 PM
Out of curiousity, what's the cost of a more straight forward M50 to S50 swap?