View Full Version : Looking for a Used, but not used up E30, what to look for?

03-25-2003, 12:37 PM
IN searching for a good example of a good e30, i understand it would be ideal to find one with complete service records...

seeing as alot of these prestige automobiles are hitting the 200k kms mark, and they have been passed down to sometimes even 3 or more owners, I was hoping this thread could somehow start a FAQ of what to look for SPECIFICALLY on the e30 that could go wrong, or has the potential for going wrong, when trying to hunt one down.

Is there anything unusual to repair or unusually expensive from a maintenece aspect?

Are remanufactured parts hard to come by?

Are E30 parts crazy expensive????

There is a faq compiled on LUKAS BMW that I have used as a guideline, however, from speaking to numerous e30 owners, they insist that the faq is quite extreme in the parts they replace (eg: steering rack, driveshaft), and that the e30 is a solid automobile that is relatively trouble free except for routine maintence.

Can anyone attest to this? Comments/Experiences?