View Full Version : Wtb:m44

Alex Dee
04-01-2010, 01:10 PM
wanted M44 motor JUST motor low milage

craz azn
04-01-2010, 11:55 PM
PM Richie_s999, he's got an M44 kickin' around.

Bimmer Heaven
04-02-2010, 12:22 AM
My friend is going to scrap a 96 318ia soon...Had nice running M44 before rear end accident. *wave*

04-03-2010, 08:46 AM
I have a m44 head and block, motor had 160000km when pulled from car and ran great, was going to do a stroker build and use the block in the E30, but E30 being parted out so motor is up for grabs.

I'll let the head and block go for $300