View Full Version : 17" tires (205/40/17, 235/45/17)

03-21-2010, 06:07 PM
I have a set of Riken Raptor/Defender tires with good tread. I have no other information on this tire. I've never driven on these tires, removed them as soon as I bought them as they came with the rims I bought. These are 205/40/17. I have 4, asking $200OBO for the full set.

I also have 2 P6's @ 235/45/17 w/ good tread. They came with my saab and I hate all seaons, so took them off. Asking $150OBO for the 2

I have another 2 Mich' MXHX M4's @ 235/45/17. Tread is good, but not as good as the P6's. Asking $200OBO for the 2