View Full Version : 205/45/17 bridgestone blizzak lm-25

02-23-2010, 08:11 PM
like the title says i have 4 bridgestone blizzak lm-25s in a 205/45/17. theres alot of meat left on them, they were on my saturn sl2 winter beater before it got written off, they are mounted on 5spoke 17s, one rim is tweeked a little but the wheels come free with them because im too lazy to get them taken off.

like i said there is probably only 3-5k on the tires and as most of you would assume, a saturn can do burnouts haha.

price iss 300$$$

look around thats good considering the price of one of these tires new rounds in on that.

the rims are 4by100 with a 35 offset