View Full Version : E46 325i Man vs 330Ci Step

03-22-2003, 01:58 AM
i can't really believe it until i checked the stats !! 325i M vs 330ci S could be a pretty even race !

325i M - 7.6s
330ci A - 7.4s

so i was heading to ubc at normal pace when a facelifted 325i jumped on my tail and kept wanting to kiss it, on and off .. there was traffic in front for a while, and i knew what's coming up when we hit the freeway in front .. knowing that my steptronic system needs a bit of heads up, i tapped the gas a couple'a times in an attempt to get it ready.

so we got to the strip of road, i jumped out and pushed it, he chased .. i was starting around 45km/h 3rd gear and punched it up to 4500rpm, then 4th ..
but the 325i catches up pretty soon and starting to eat me up overtaking me at the 2nd lane !! how embarassing is that !!

i quickly did the 'kickdown' and regained the lead .. but the 325i was still chasing behind .. no signs of imcompetence !!

well .. i know that my car's not very ready, such as 10mins from cold start, and did not perform its best .. but that's no excuse. the 325i really did gave me a hard run when i was at 4500rpm .. and i'm feeling like i should've picked manual instead of the convenience of steptronic ..

maybe if u're on this forum too, white facelift 325i, we should talk ! =)