View Full Version : X5 2006 4.4 or 2007 3.0 ???

12-13-2009, 12:23 AM
Hey folks, while trying to decide amongst an X5 2006 4.4 and other vehicles, I've also been looking at getting an X5 2007 3.0 and was looking for some feedback...from my perspective, here are the pros & cons:

e53 4.4 PROS:
- price: $10-15k cheaper than e70 3.0
- size: smaller that e70 3.0 (I don't care for the extra space)
- power: 4.4L 315hp V8 (55 HP + 100 torque more than e70)
- seems more robust
- weight: 60 lbs less than e70 3.0

e70 3.0 PROS:
- fuel economy: according to specs, 1 gal more than e53 4.4
- Newer technology (iDrive)
- Better interior finish
- nicer tails

The 2007 seems to be a newer, more sophisticated vehicle, but I think the biggest drawback for me is the huge price difference...does the $10-15k difference justify me tightening the belt (will need a lot of convincing to the wife) ...

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with both vehicles and be able to provide some feedback regarding the following:

- handling
- engine
- brakes, suspension
- robustness
- safety
- dashboard controls
- parts (which are more expensive)

Thx for any feedback !