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12-11-2009, 10:18 PM
Hi folks: Sorry to be leaving, but my 5 series is just too big and fat and expensive to maintain. They won't bring in the 1 series hatchback, and the 3 is also too big and fat, so I'm movin' on. I'm purchasing a sweet little Volvo C30 manual, non turbo. I still have my '95 318ti Club Sport which may be on the road this spring, so I might drop in from time to time.



12-11-2009, 10:53 PM
Sorry to hear you're getting rid of the 530i. I remember you from the 318ti group - glad to hear that you are still on track to have the car back on the road.
The 530i is pretty fat, however I just "approved" my brother's purchase of a 525it... he needed a wagon big enough for his rather large weimaraner dog. He found a beauty, with a manual tranny and an M-package with the nice big style 5 wheels. Only a few 525it's with a manual in all of Canada.
Your C30 I can't wholehartedly approve, its wrong-wheel-drive! And I can't really call it "light" either, at roughly 80lbs less than the 128. I think I'd choose the 128i, even with the lack of a hatch - the C30 hatch is small enough that I can't really call it practical.
Good luck with it anyway!