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12-10-2009, 10:19 PM
So I dropped the rear end of my E34 540i to replace all the bushings/mounts/wheel bearings. It's at the point now where I'm ready to put it back together and get it back on all four wheels, except for one pesky snafu: the 3 differential bushings.:mad:

Of everything I set out to do I thought that the trailing arm bushings or the wheel bearings would be the hardest, but those stupid diff bushings are driving me crazy. I know there's probably a BMW special tool for the job, but up till now I've been able to make do with a combination of Princess Auto and homemade stuff.

I've got the first one in about 3/4 of the way using a harmonic balancer/gear type puller (with the yoke pushing flat against the end of the bushing), but the force needed at this point is just chewing the threads on every carriage bolt, piece of threaded rod, etc. that I've tried. The problem seems to be that the inner sleeve is too small to accept any kind of substantial bolt/rod, so I just cant get enough torque to pull it all the way in. I've also tried pushing it in with a large C-clamp, and although the torque was there, the yoke just began to crush the outer metal sleeve of the bushing. It was really hard to get it set up to push straight this way, as well

At this point I'm thinking I'm gonna have to find a piece of pipe with an inner diameter just large enough for the bushing to pass through, and a large socket (same size as the bushing) that will push evenly on the outer sleeve of the bushing. This is where you guys come in: if anyone has a better/easier way to do it, I'd love to hear it, cause I'm determined to not have to admit defeat and take it to a shop! I do have access to a 20-ton press, but I'm too scared to bend the suspension carrier. Any input is appreciated!

12-10-2009, 11:01 PM
Go to Brafasco and get some high strength 3/8" or 1/4" fine threaded rod. With the correct washers/spacers a bit of oil on the threads this can remove almost anything.

Good luck and post some pics of your set up.