View Full Version : Creating alias usernames

12-10-2009, 09:44 PM
As most already know, that creating alias usernames for negative purposes is prohibited. Especially for the reason to sabotage one's name.

Please keep in mind that we do checks for IP's ISP's, etc if a problem such as this may arise and is quite easy for us to find out if you're using an alias.

Please read the following simple rule that was added today in writing feedback for our supporting vendors found here. Please note the highlited paragraph.


Creating alias usernames and/or mis-representation of a company are prohibited, and will result in an automatic ban to the usernames involved, as well as the review being removed. This is unfair, and unprofessional to the vendor, and to everyone who reads your review. Leaving feedback must be dealt with in a professional and true manner.

Thread was closed as people were getting the wrong impression of the purpose of this thread.