View Full Version : ROH Staggered 18's

11-13-2009, 02:07 AM
ROH 5x120.5?? Last mounted on an s10 try them on your 5 or 3 series they SHOULD fit as I have gm rims on my E34.

275/35/18 rears are about 70%, I think the front is 225(235?)/35/18, 1 is no good one is new.

Sick effing rims, ROUGHLY 18x9 and 18x10?

Located in Kingston...

http://i364.photobucket.com/albums/oo89/kstanzel/IMG00103.jpg?t=1258091907 pic is of rear rims... he didn't provide me with any pics of the fronts, he says there is a bit of curbage type thing but not to bad...

kylestanzel@hotmail.com DONT pm me just send email to that...

11-13-2009, 09:14 PM
The might fit on 5's but not without hubcentric rings. Offset looks pretty low. Do you know the centrebore?