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10-25-2009, 07:58 AM
Been member for a little time now and i just realized that i didn't show you guy's my pride and joy !

It's a 1995 M3 cosmoblack who started it's life in the US. The body is extremely clean (us car...) and mecanically too i had an O2 sensor to change. One of the rear shock tower was rebuilt with urethane so i did this too (4 hours job ...)

I bought it with the smoked tail light, UUC exhaust, dinan chip and cheap HID's.

here are the mod's i made just this summer ;)

- bilstein/ h&r sports
- front and rear strut brace
- rear aluminium shock mounts
- urethane RTAB
- x-brace

- cold air intake
- pulley kit
- fan delete

- tinted window
- front splitter
- wing
- yellow fog
- I'm a painter so i've painted my wheels last winter black with red lip and
- mat black kidney grill
- smoked corner
- smoked side marker
- carbon fiber crest

- EBC slotted and dimple disk
- hawk hps pad
- stanless brake line
- stanless clutch line
- super blue brake fluid

- pedal, shift knob and handbrake handle
- stitched shifter and handbrake boot
- Z4 short shifter
- chrome cluster contour
- sparco seat
- and i bought a 3 poke steering wheel yesterday, i will install it next spring

It's quite a list but i've instaled everything by myself (and some friend ;) )so i saved quite a lot !!!

here are some pics *th-up*



(i know, it's VERY dirty :( )


earlier this summer


eta Epsilon
10-25-2009, 09:17 AM
Ouais, pas mal belle!
Sur quelle track est-ce que tu t'amuses avec cette grosse bebelle là?

10-25-2009, 10:59 AM
Very nice M3, love the ride height. Only thing I would have done differently is a red pinstripe on the rims rather than the whole lip

10-25-2009, 11:20 AM
Eta Epsilon : J'ai été seulement une fois a sanair, une fois a i-car et une fois a tremblant cette année. J'ai fait aussi un "car control clinic" avec mon auto (la fin de drift !)

DAM : the ride height is perfect ! it's mutch lower than stock but confortable. Now with the sparco seat, it's another thing ... I have to admit that the red lip look gind of big on picture, but i have heard only good thing when seeing in person (even from people that didn't know that was my car lol !)