View Full Version : Seats/mirrors do not adjust remotely with the key

08-31-2009, 09:11 PM
I just bought a used 04 325xit wagon. When I picked it up from the dealership, only one of the keys buttons worked. I guessed correctly the key hadn’t been recharged in a while (probably a one owner car), drove for bit and then reset the keys using this procedure (http://www.bmwgm5.com/Key_Recode.htm). I was happy that it was such a simple fix, except that the one thing the car still doesn’t do is automatically adjust the seats/mirrors for each key.

What works for both keys:
• Opening/closing doors/windows/tailgate with the buttons
• Auto adjusting the seats/mirrors with the buttons at the base of the seat
• Driving the car

What does not work:
• Auto adjusting the seats/mirrors with the key remotely.

I’ve event tried resetting the keys in different orders.

Anybody know a solution to this?