View Full Version : headlights needed

08-26-2009, 08:53 PM
i have a 2001 330i.the car was previously in an accident b4 i bought it.when looking the car over prior to buying i didnt notice all the small things wrong with the car.i have repaired or replaced everything wrong but the headlights.
it seems whoever rebuilt the car did a bubblegum repair on the headlights.now the clips or tabs on the headlight housing are completly broken off on the passenger side.drivers side is ok for now.anyone have a headlight for sale?i only need the housing.they are xenons,not bi-xenon.
ive tried to find a replacement online but it says my BOSCH headlights arent compatible with my car.thanx.
also a quick question will any e46 headlight fit another e46.eg. 323 - 330?