View Full Version : Feeler: classic Alpina 16 inch open lug

08-18-2009, 11:30 PM
I have a set of Alpina open lug wheels with good Pirelli P7 tires that will be up for sale soon.

Staggered: 16x7 et11 front and 16x8 et24 rear 5x120 bolt. Fits E9/E12/E23/E24/E28 and any other 5x120 with 72.5mm hub with medium offsets (ET 10-25) like e32 and e34, though they really suit the older cars. Tires are 205/55R16 front and 225/50R16 rear.
Includes the centre caps with new Alpina badges.

Here's a pic on my E24:

Yes, they don't have the correct lug bolts (should be stainless steel), but that's up to the buyer to source.
Wheels were refinished by a P/O a few years ago, and have only a few scratches and scuffs. No rash. They were balanced in 2007, and I'll have them checked before delivery.

I'll be asking CDN$2500 shipped within Canada, and probably a bit more to the US.

They'll likely be officially up for sale this weekend, with pics of course, but on more than just Max (not Fleabay yet). If anyone is really interested PM me and we can discuss, but don't expect too much flex in price.

Why am I selling? BBS RSs have come into my life. I prefer the RS look on the older cars.