View Full Version : FS: Eurolite H7 lightbulb bnib yellow and white

08-17-2009, 10:55 PM
i found a couple sets of eurolite bulbs at home,

h7 yellow
9005 yellow
h7 white

it might be my brothers, but whatever, they are still brand new..so im selling them.. :D

THE UPLOADED PICTURE DOES NOT REFLECT THE ACTUAL PRODUCT. but its exactly the same packaging, just the bulbs on the uploaded pictures are different size from the one im selling.

H7 - fits most bmws without hid option for the low beams, also used for the daytime/highbeams for most bmws

9005 - some bmw fogs use it or alot of cars highbeams/daytime uses this too

check what size u need before comming to me! =)


pm is the key