View Full Version : E34 M5 - ~Looking for~ Middle Muffler/Rear Resonator

08-17-2009, 01:09 PM
Hello Everyone - i'm wondering if I can find a rear resonator/middle muffler for a 1992 M5.

If not, is there something from a different bmw that I can use? Is there an aftermarket part I can try?

I've asked Eurostyle and the other guy in west-end toronto and none have them.

If not, does anyone know a good welder/custom exhaust shop? I went to canada custom in Scarborough and he told me it'll cost me $230.00 to costom make a new rear pipe, but the weld connecting it to the middle muffler is terrible and due to that, the middle muffler is not salvagable (although it's still in good shape).

Anyone have any other options they can offer?