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07-30-2009, 12:58 PM
First off, like most guys on here I'm really nervous about letting anyone else touch my cars since I've worked as an apprentice years ago. I've seen first hand how a lot of these clowns mistreat peoples rides. I've always done all my own work from changing the oil to rebuilding engines, custom machining and fabricating just about everything.

Anyway, I just bought a new (to me) 2003 MKIV Jetta TDI in amazing condition and a wicked price that I needed a safety on and I called around but no one could do it right away. So after reading all the positive feedback for RMP and disregarding the negative ones because in my opinion they were unwarranted and childish, I gave them a call and they got me in within the hour.I think it was more a matter of circumstance, since they might have had some down time but I was just happy to get this gay ministry paperwork sorted out.

So from what I've seen on MAX it was Rocco that checked the car out and when he gives me the keys back he tells me he hooked up the vag-com (DUB diagnostics program) and cleared the check engine light and told me what it was ( I already knew and it's gonna keep coming back but thats besides the point) and told me there were no other codes and everything seemed good, he might even have checked the IP timing but I'm not sure. Talk about doing a little extra for the customer.

I got a little ego boost when he told me most dealers and shops won't even touch the timing belts on diesels. I changed mine on my own so I was impressed with myself.

So I pay, get in the car and I noticed that he probably even tightened up my e- brake for me since it seemed a lot tighter than before.

I ended up really pleased with the service when I left, and was relieved to see the pinch welds weren't flattened against the the bottom of the car, sorry to have had any doubt about you guys but, you know, some shops.......

So, I'm very happy with RMP's service, would definitely recommend them and will definitely go there again for anything I can't do myself.

Oh, the shop looks pristine! You can tell if they take the time to take care of there shop that well they will probably take care of your ride that well!

Thanks again, Tom.

P.S thanks for the heads up on the trailing arm bushings

09-13-2009, 09:14 PM

Thanks alot!

It was a nice V-DUB!