View Full Version : 92 325i vs 2 civic ( Si & LX)

02-22-2002, 03:17 AM
*th-up* listen to this. during the summer i was driving towards tim hortons in streetsville (mississauga) i was on eglinton just passed mavis. i pulled up to the lights with an Si on my left and the Lx on my right both done up with skirts n lights n shit. and blasting music. i was in the car with my cousin and my buddy. they were reving and i had no exaust so i just move my car up a bit and reved. so as it turned green i gunned it but the civics had advantage of being lighter so they were leading i was about half a car to a car's length behind. as soon as i got it into third i was just a little ahead of them by the time i maxed out third they were quite a bit back. :P i impressed my cousin and my buddy because they were big jap import fans and thought bmw's were just fancy cars with no power........