View Full Version : My '97 528i

07-25-2009, 12:29 AM
Figure I should finally post a few pics of the money pit. This would be the reason I have all the parts wanted posts lol.

1997 528i
Imported from Texas before the Hurricanes
141,xxx Miles
Rust Free = :D
Bone Stock except for a TEC Cupholder

Almost everything on this car as been replaced once. If you ever consider getting an older southern car make sure the rubber and plastic bits are A1 because the heat will deterorate it all.

Anyhoo was my Dad's car for a couple years then I traded him my Lincoln for it. Hope to get the rest of the bugs worked out then modify it on the cheap as much as possible. Lots of big plans for it.. Although I did come across a really great deal on a 3rd Gen Rx-7 project that would force me to sell this. Always wanted one of those.