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07-15-2009, 07:19 PM
Anyone ever hook up a Bluetooth adapter to their stock deck? I want to stream music from my Iphone.

09-02-2009, 09:11 AM
I have; the Parrot CK3200 is what I installed. If you want to stream your iPhone or iPod, grab the MK9100 or MK9200 (depending on price and features you want). Check out the following web link: http://www.parrotshopping.com/ca/p_parrot_topviewed.aspx?f=203

I found the CK3200 cheaper @ Best Buy Mississauga cheaper than the Parrot site. I already have the LineIn installed in my car for iPod streaming, that is why I went with the CK vs. MK... Is the MK good? Well many current installed mfg Bluetooth systems are based on Parrot. Porsche's bluetooth for instance is an OEM MK9200..... The new Nokia bluetooth solution available @ Best Buy is a MK9200.

Went to Expansys and bought the Quick Connect kit for my car QCBMW-R and it installed with no cutting or splicing of existing wiring. I can remove when I sell car and leave no trace and all existing wiring harnesses are intact..... Also made installation a ton easier as I didn't need to connect 30 odd wires.......

Use Bluetooth for firmware updates as well. I'm usually @ Friday night meets @ LaPaloma's in Woodbridge if you wanna check it out. Mutes stereo and cals routed through car speakers.... works great!!!

10-03-2009, 05:15 PM
ive been looking around for an all-in-one solution and the parrot mki9100 or mki9200 models that you mentioned seem to fit these needs perfectly.

Anyone know of:

1) whether or not its compatible with an 02 540i. Business cd with dsp

2) good place to buy a unit in the GTA

3) good place to install in the GTA

thanks in advance.

10-04-2009, 08:47 AM
Absolutely!! I have an 04 330Xi with Business CD with DSP and the Harmon Kardon upgrade and it works perfectly. Even provides audio through car speakers when radio is off and call comes in, or you make one.....

Best place to buy is BestBuy. They carry both the CK3100 and CK3200 under the Parrot name and the MK9000 under the Nokia name (Parrot OEM solution)..... I like the 3200 as it has a colour display, vs. LCD display of 3100. Cheaper than buying from Parrot direct!!!

Go to Expansys USA and buy the Quick Connect connector for your model. Check RealOEM for whether you have the round or flat connector in the back of your radio. Order the appropriate Quick Connector. QCBMW-R or QCBMW-F.... this way, the unit installs without cutting or splicing any wires (completely reversable or removable with any damage or cut wires to fix)...... Way easier than splicing the connectors into the wiring harness.....

As far as installers, I did it myself. It is an easy DIY. Did the wife's Honday Odyssey as well..... You can probably pay BestBuy to install as they have installation services..... or we could hook-up and do it one day..... takes about 1 hour to install..... nothing really to configure....

Let me know.


10-04-2009, 04:23 PM
thanks alot for your informative reply and the generous offer of your time.

In regards to BestBuy, i saw the two CK models that you mentioned but I cant seem to find the mki900 under the nokia or parrot name. would you know the model or have the link?

I prefer the MK series because I need to:
-stream audio over bluetooth
-make calls of course
-play and control an iPod/iPhone
-play audio through AUX.

Only the MK series seem to be able to do those as far as i can tell.

And I didnt know about the quick connector method, thanks for that heads up too.

10-05-2009, 01:49 PM
the MK9000 is @ the Meadowvale store.... Not sure of it's product code, but they had it there and it was the MK9000, OEM'd th Nokia. I installed the Line-In jack about 2 years ago, so I had no need to stream my iPod. Also, the Line-in jack provides a connector to connect the iPod wihich I've mounted where the seat heater controls are.... No loose connectors. If you go with the iPod version, you'll have the iPod connector "hangin around" as it is not mountable. most guys either use the Glovebox or centre console to run the iPod connectors to.... If you go to the Parrot Store Canada, you can by the MK9000 directly from them (and the Quick connect kit too).....

Hope this helps.