View Full Version : FS: VMAXX fully height adjustable coilovers E46 NON-M

06-20-2009, 09:12 PM
Im selling a brand new set of VMAXX fully height adjustable coilovers for e46 non-m.

the specs:

Model: e46 3series non-m. 99-06
Front drop range: 40-75mm
rear drop range: 30-60mm

Like many of you know i was going to install these. the reason i decided not to, is because also like many of you know me and my brother have a shop, we recently just authorized dealership to RUFF. therefore im gonna sell these coils to get RUFF ones. i was gonna install these very soon, but we just go ruff authorized dealer directly from Taiwan.

therefore im selling these for the same price i got them. $650 OBO.

these has not even been used. let me know. 6479988222 or spoondc5@gmail.com or pm me =)

btw, these apparently to some ppl say is a "not harsh at all springs" , these springs don't have dampening adjustments also. These coils r mainly for guys that just want to have their car look good, obviously it is not really meant for track, but instead for comfort and looks.. before i bought these i been looking it up apparently there are many guys that like it. and its a popular item among the v-dub guys. don't let ppl tell you these things suck because they r for sale on ebay. honestly i can say they may not have the best reputation around the bimmer guys, but not everyone that drives a bimmer can afford pss10, kw v2, etc. especially me first yr college student also u get what you pay for right?

thanks for reading. :P

here is a pic of how it looks like. and everything in this pic is included in what im selling.

06-22-2009, 05:13 PM
bump bump

06-24-2009, 01:00 AM
bump bump no one wants a e46 coilover?!?!? surprising