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06-18-2009, 11:42 PM
Hello guys

Finaly im painting my car.So ive had the car since last november. I was gonna spend a month a paint the car right, but i don't have that kind of time as i am going away for the summer to get my pilots licence then off to college in the fall. I just want the rust gone but i am also changing colour to a blue metalic.sorda like avus blue. for all the haters i just finshed high school. i am doing it quick. and not doing it proper for a colour change, i just want rust gone then if it looks nice then ok. you will oviously know it was changed colour.

so heres the car so far just finshed cleaning the garage where i will be doing everything even paint.

for the front bumper i broke my torx t-35 trying to get it off, the impact didn't move it so i got the long bar on it. im getting a new socket tommorow and try again.

Also got a new sunroof as mine leaked so duct tape had to hold her tight. any body want my slightly used sunroof??? aerodynamic holes for racing!

thanks to every one for parts and help!

06-18-2009, 11:43 PM
sorry about the big pic will fix for next time.

06-19-2009, 10:28 PM
So today was a good day. got alot of stuff off. bought my paint, got a sweet deal on it too!

still have to take off

door mouldings
right mirorr
rear bumper---- torx is frozen on, impact wont get it off :(

next it to fit the front fenders and weld in a new right rear dog leg.

06-19-2009, 11:46 PM
hey adam, how are you liking those seats man.

for the rear bumper, just undo the 4 13mm nuts that hold the bumper shocks on. driver's side will be just over the muffler underneath the rear valence.. for the passenger side, one nut is on the inside of the trunk in the battery tray, and the other one is under the valence again. the whole bumper and shocks should slide right out.


06-20-2009, 12:04 AM
yeah man love them, still need to recover them tho. i tryed to get the nuts off but there rusty so i sprayed them down with some of the this rust junk and imgonna let it sit over night.

06-20-2009, 12:15 AM
so are you sanding down the car first? my car had a couple cheap resprays in its life time, and its pealing left, right and centre lol it used to really bother me, but whatever its just an ETA lol

06-20-2009, 12:36 AM
the colour is still good so im just scuffing it up and where i go thru im gonna prime it and give it a good sand so im using the colour/ clear as the primer just taking off the old coats and gonna put fresh paint on.

06-20-2009, 05:13 PM
what kind of paint are you using? will you be doing a clear coat ?

06-20-2009, 09:32 PM
yupp i got the paint from dura auto body. some european company but some stuff is u-pol and yes a 2 stage paint base and clear

06-21-2009, 02:11 AM
Ok i got off the rear bumper, alot of rust on them.

rust on the front was fixed by a wire wheel and sprayed rubberized rocker gaurd on it to be safe.

so i got off all the trim and pieces.

just need to fix up the rust spots like the rear dog leg and fill in the antenna hole and mount the front fenders.

The pic with the blue stuff is gonna be the colour of the car, gonna be alittle bit brighter thats with no clear. its metalic!!

nice clean trunk took out all the sound deading tar crap


thats like 80 pounds right there!

06-25-2009, 03:17 AM
ok i have the fenders fitted on primed and sanded.

The rear dog leg is welded, bondoed and sanded, i think its pretty good for a crap welder and first time with bondo.

the car is sanded down, need to prime little spots and do a final sanding,

the black trim on the bumpers were sanded and painted but then i stuck mdy finger in it so sanding again,

booth is all taped up and just need furance filters.

hopeful tommorow is putting some colour on !!! will post up pics later.

06-28-2009, 04:16 AM
DONE!!!!! painted it today, just starting to put some peices on tommrow ill have it in the sun and see how it is. here a picright after clear coat. will have better pics soon

06-28-2009, 04:18 AM
DONE!!!!! painted it today, just starting to put some peices on tommrow ill have it in the sun and see how it is. here a picright after clear coat. will have better pics soon