View Full Version : DICE issues cd43

06-10-2009, 02:00 AM
OK guys I am getting pretty frusturated with my DICE issues and I am reaching out for some advice. I will preface this by saying that Tom at EAS over on BF has been very goood with helping me out.

That being said, I have done the install in my e36 with a recently added CD43 from a donnor z3. The head unit works as did the changer that I had with my C33 tape deck HU before its removal for the dice kit.

All appears to be well, the functions work, the display is accurate (song and artist) but here is the kicker, NO audio comes through!

It is a trunk mount kit, not the radio mount that if you intall one of the leads upside down it is common for this no audio issue. not the issue for me as it is a different set up.

I have rechecked all my install connections including the original CD43 install. No isues found. I have done the reccomended reset procedure by Tom and nothing doing.

Suggestions? Have you been through this before?