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06-09-2009, 06:42 PM
i'm a self-proclaimed e30 newbie, but i've been taking notes on the upgrades i've done to my car over the past few years. just in case anyone else is new to e30s and wondering what some of the common upgrades feel like, i posted a journal:


upgrades i've done:

* rims and tires
* short shifter
* performance brakes
* air filter & heat shield
* sports seats
* steering rack swap
* differential
* ecu chip
* shocks/springs/swaybars

disclaimer: i'm no mechanic, and no expert. corrections welcome!


06-09-2009, 06:54 PM
where do you live? I went to Daniels auto a couple times

And that's an awesome write-up, keep it up!

06-09-2009, 07:00 PM
Good write up but I'm not sure about some of the prices that you have listed...I've done a few of those upgrades for a lot less...

craz azn
06-09-2009, 07:02 PM
Colin! Long time no see here on maX... I heard you were at the driving school this past weekend, how did it go?

06-09-2009, 07:04 PM
@davericher20 i live in toronto
@rezae32 ya, i'm sure i'm not getting the best prices, but i find i end up paying a little more because i'm not an expert, so i play it safe. e.g., i bought a steering rack "conversion kit" instead of sourcing my own used rack. i track the car, so i'm willing to pay a little premium for peace of mind that the parts are in good shape and installed correctly. mechanics and more seasoned owners could probably do the same stuff i've done for less...

06-09-2009, 07:06 PM
yo rudy!
mosport was *incredible*. first time there. i'm still on a high. the track was spectacular! and the car ran great. only shitty thing was i accidentally left my helmet on the ground by the class room overnight and someone walked off with it : (

craz azn
06-09-2009, 07:10 PM
that sucks about the helmet... Good to hear the car did well though, I bet it hooked up well with those tires. You planning on coming to the AutoX this weekend?

06-09-2009, 07:57 PM
amazing write up! how much did you pay for the body restoration? looks like they did a real good job

06-09-2009, 07:58 PM
that colour is awesome! nice work, its looking pretty sweet

06-09-2009, 08:45 PM
No need to duck, great job! You're already less of a newbie than 99% of the owners of these cars.

06-09-2009, 09:07 PM
would love to do the autocross but my steering's acting up. it's fine for track and regular driving, but it gets really thick on the kind of lock-to-lock rapid input steering you get in an autocross. feels like there's just not enough pressure in the power steering. i guess i'm going to have to replace the reservoir and lines and see if that helps with pressure. if not, then the pump. if that fails...not sure what to try next. maybe a stronger pump? but i'm not sure if one is even available. i think the problem started with the e36 rack i put in last november, but i didn't feel it until i autocrossed it for the first time in april.

it was about $4k including brand new rear and front bumpers, new head lights, two new front fenders, and the paint job. it is obviously stupid to pay that when you pick up a clean e30 like this one:
for the same amount. call it an emotional attachment to the car.

craz azn
06-09-2009, 11:53 PM
When you figure out the power steering problem, let me know. My car is doing the exact same thing, but I'm just rolling with it for now because I am stumped on what it could be. Changed just about everything and no success yet :(

06-10-2009, 12:02 AM
really?? do you have the e36 rack conversion? have you replaced your lines/reservoir/pump yet? did you do anything around the time that the problem started?

craz azn
06-10-2009, 12:08 AM
I have had this problem since mid '07. It started even before I messed with anything related to the steering system. I changed the rack thinking that was the problem to an e36 M3 rack. It didn't cure it, so I tried another power steering pump, and a new belt, problem still there. I flushed the system many times, I changed the belt twice now... I just changed the reservoir just last month to an e36 one (looked 100% same) and it hasn't changed. Only thing I haven't changed are the lines, but I don't see how that would be a problem as they were not tampered with. Beats me what it could be... unless something is going on with the oil that I am not aware of?

06-10-2009, 12:28 AM
hm. if the problem had not been there before your rack swap i might have suspected the lines due to the higher pressure required to feed the quicker rack. guess i'm about to go down the same road you just did: res, lines, pump, then beg my mechanic to help figure out the problem. i suppose it has to be pressure related. for me it definitely started sometime after my rack conversion. didn't feel it in any of last year's autocrossing. but it's ruining the fun this year : (

Bullet Ride
06-10-2009, 12:43 AM
Great journal!
The green on brown leather is a really nice combination.

06-10-2009, 11:02 AM
Nice writeups man, good contribution!

I like the colour combo you got there.... interesting exterior colour, I like it (and that's saying a LOT, I generally don't like green cars at all.)