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05-25-2009, 07:32 PM
OEM BMW Business unit out of a Z3 with BMW logo showing 100% genuine BMW piece. Fully functionally and cosmetically in excellent shape, only minor issue is a few non functioning pixels in the very bottom row of display. Fraction of the price from BMW. Excellent upgrade for many E36's, and many other BMWs. Rare OEM headunit. Code Included.
Price $325 o.b.o.

Pictures of actual unit attached, along with a picture of it in use to show the display.

Some Features:
* RDS / PTY which displays song title, artist & station tuned-in to.
* 3 Sets of 6 AM/FM presets.
* Radio reception is easily programmable to any region, world-wide.
* Smooth Eject
* Soft Key Buttons
* Will Play Burned & Copied discs.
* Will control your original 96+ trunk mounted E36/Z3 ALPINE 6-Disc Changer
* iPOD and SIRIUS Satellite compatible with a Blitz or DICE adapter.
* Amber/orange illumination will match your BMW's dash lighting!


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There is a guy looking for this over in the z3 section. Check him out. Free BUmp!

06-05-2009, 06:08 PM