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05-14-2009, 09:53 AM
All, I am looking to upgrade my system in my e46 M3, nothing crazy. I like the look of the stock HU so I will be focused on amp/speakers and I want a stealth look. I was of the BSW set up (please comment if anyone has one?) or the JL free airs but was disappointed to hear that they are no longer available.

I want to incorporate a DICE unit and also run my sirius through an AUX input. I have had a local audio shop put together a quote and I am hoping to tap into you expertise for review and comments. Here it is...........

Cut from email.
If we are to amplify all the speakers, we should use a 5 channel amplifier. We have a small and clean sounding Alpine 5 channel amp that would work well.


Then we need to get the sound into the amp using an Audio Control LC7 6 channel lineout converter with subwoofer control knob. It has the ability to sum the input frequencies and that is important when installing an amp to a BMW with crossed-over outputs. I think it will be important to have a sub bass control up front to blend in to the music

Audiocontrol LC7

I would install really great front component speakers rather than installing 4 good component speakers for front and back. Quoted Alpine type X for fronts


We need a flat subwoofer for the enclosure so we can keep it from hanging down too far. I would use a kicker comp VT subwoofer in a sealed enclosure.

Kicker sub 10"

The only part of the install I am concerned about would be the subwoofer enclosure on the back deck. I am unsure of how the impact will be. I know that BMW's are well built and the trunks can be bass eaters.

So, this is a general listing of what I quoted:

new front component speakers alpine typex
leave the backs factory for now
5 channel amplifier Alpine pdx5
line output converter with channel summing capability audiocontrol LC7
subwoofer bass control knob mounted up front audiocontrol LC7
flat subwoofer Kicker 10" compVT
enclosure for sub under back deck custom made by us MDF and sprayed with bedliner black
all the necessary wiring
Dynamat sound deadening material 2 sheets 18"x32"
labour to install. Need car for whole day