View Full Version : e36 318i VS cadillac!!!!!!!

03-01-2003, 10:07 PM
oh my goodness. today my 3 friends and i crammed into my 318i to road trip 1 hr whitetail to snowboard. its up north in MD. since it was 10 in the morning not many pple were on the highway. my 318i is weighed down like some shit but it was still going strong. im going 85 mph on the fast lane of the highway when a cadillac sts almost rear ends me! he flashes the lights and then overtakes me on my right, i flick him off and his gf flicks me back off! this guy in the caddy was old too! IT WAS ON FROM THEN ON! that mother shitter took off like a rocket and my 318i was left in the dust. for 10 miles i trailed him at 100 mph plus speeds. 10 minutes later we encounter 2 rigs on the road acting like a bottle neck and traffice was backing up and the caddy veered into the shoulder and passed all of them at 110 mph or so. im nervous as shit and i veer into the right shoulder between a guard rail and a huge 18 wheeler and step on it. im surprised to not see the caddy anywhere in sight but it was becuz he went back into his lane....he pussied out. my car is in 5th and going 110....115.....120........125 and silence.....my bimmer redlined and dipped the revs. i thought i blew my engine but i didnt and we all started screaming madddddddd! we at the caddy in a balls to the wall move. oooooooh my god is was huge.

ps we had 4 pple in the car including me and 4 snowboards in there too.....my poor baby.

03-01-2003, 10:18 PM
Well I give you credit for having balls to pull a stunt like that off, but those big ball can get you killed!

Imagine what could have happened if you lost controll? A wall and a 18 wheeler VS. a BMW = one squashed bimmer! Lets just say you did crash and all your friends were killed, but you survive...how would you feel? Not to rag on you but I only pull stupid stunts alone...if crash then i'm not taking anyone with me.

BTW - Please post this story in the Need for Speed section.

Mr seville
03-02-2003, 03:14 AM
well it couldn't have been me for one i'm not a geezer and i'm not stupid enuf to pull of a stunt like that.:D my car is also in the shop oh and i just noticed where you live:D