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04-13-2009, 12:15 PM
hi everyone, i am just getting a shopping list together to turbo my 1994 e36 325 coupe m3 replica. first of all i know i need to upgrade my suspension and brakes etc etc, my brakes at the mo are very poor any ideas? do i get a complete new set up or will upgraded disks and pads do the job?
next is my mechanic who is my friend is going to help me fit the turbo conversion so to save a bit of money i am buying everything seperate instead of buying a turbo kit because the kits seem over priced and poor quality.
my question is tho what psi can i run safely on stock internals, ecu, injectors etc etc? as for now we want to just get the car turbo'd for summer then in winter take it of the road and uprate the conrods, pistons, bigger turbo, injectors, ecu etc etc, but for now we are going to run a t3 hybrid. i heard you can run up to 8psi on stock internals but just want to be sure before i go ahead also does anyone know what kind of power gain i will get from running 8psi or watever?
secondly where do i get the oil feed from this is what my mechanic is wondering?
i have purchased a mls cometic 3.5mm head gasket of ebay will this be best fitted even tho i am going to be running low boost or just wait till i uprate everything in winter? can the standard head gasket cope?
my car is right hand drive so the steering colum is in the way my mechanic says we can work round this not a problem but if anyone has any pics showing me how you have done a turbo set up that would be great.
i have found a company called xs power in hull that will sell a turbo manifold for £149.00 seems k but i'e heard bad reviews from people saying they crack after a while does anyone know where i can buy or get someone to make a turbo manifold for a right hand drive e36 325? sorry for the essay but your help would be much help thanks

04-17-2009, 01:22 AM
1.Since you are in Europe, i suggest that you conctact either (www.pure-pf.com) or (www.ca-at.co.uk ( phone # 0871 231 1010)), iam sure both companies carry Turbo manifolds rated at over 500hp.

2.Uprated disks and pads should be enough for the street,even if you want to track the car, there are pads will give you enough stoping power and pads life on the track.

3.The stock head gasket should be good for anything less than 9psi, but if you are planning to go big boost then you will need that stronger part.

Edit: Also i believe that stock injectors will not be able to supply the sufficient amount of fuel on 8psi of boost.

04-17-2009, 12:36 PM
thanks for the reply i have rang up one of the websites you recommended which seems to be a brilliant site. but gave me some rather bad and worrying news, he said they have stopped doing anything to do with turboing a bmw due to them been nothing but trouble, blowing up and not running right and said that they only do superchraging as that is the only way to go, he said bmw engines are just simple crap to handle a turbo and do not work, is this true??? he said only america seem to get them to work right and that bmw engines handle supercharges best only. do i still carry on with the project or not, is he talkin crap because i hope he is. got my cometic thicker head gasket through today and just in process of buying a manifold but i'll await a response for this question before i order it