View Full Version : bmw 335i 4 doors sparkling gray lease

03-24-2009, 01:08 PM
Hi all!

reason : I need more space ASAP buying a SUV.

car : lease 335i 2008 4 doors sparkling gray
odo: 15 000 kilo
payment :750$ +tx
month left : 27 months on a 39 months lease
you have 20 000 kilo per years so left 50 000 for 27 months

equipement: bone stock with a bmw GPS (garmin 360) interior black (leather like) don't know the exact name..

i paid 2500$ for all the extended warranty :
- excessive worn ( you don't payback for any scratch, dent or watever under 9000$)
- warranty for all the part that can be changed during the lease ( disk, brake pad, winshield, rims, straps, etc etc
- and a third that i can't remember but can give you more information for serious buyers

i pay the transfert,
give you 2000$ or more depend of when you take it, i got a set of winter tires ( nokian hakka5 studed with 1 winter on it ( 4000 kilo)

PM me or you can call me 418-265-4225 my name is peter