View Full Version : Audio/Sound Interface Questions

03-19-2009, 04:20 AM
Hello all, first let me apologize as I am a novice at audio / sound systems.

I have a 2005 Mariner that I want to add a mac mini to and I have a few questions regarding audio sound interfaces. The vehicle comes factory with a "Mach 3" sound system (6 speakers & small subwoofer in the back)

If I could I would like to keep the speaker system due to cost to upgrade, but if people have viable affordable suggestions I am open.


1.) The mac mini only has the one line out, that doesn't seem like it would be very good for a car audio system which normally needs a 5.1 audio interface. Is it really bad? Is there a way to add an external sound card? Don't must external sound cards require a power plug?

2.) I see most people use amps. Is there a preferable one out there? Would the amp work with my factory speakers or would I need to have them replaced too.

3.) I am curious to hear about others audio setups please share how you interfaced yours.