View Full Version : 2008 MCS (6-speed manual, sport, LSD, 6000km for only $27950!)

03-04-2009, 01:06 AM
A friend of mine, despite being just converted into a fan in mini, had to sell his new car after a short 7-month ownership, because of moving to Manhattan, NY.

This is a 2008 Mini Cooper S 2-door coupe (6 speed manual/stick), bought brand new, first owner, 6000km and 7 months. Lightning blue metallic, white roof and mirror covers and black interior. Sport package with DSC and Limited Slip Differential. Leatherette seats and dual-sunroof.

Black trims of front bumper, rear bumer and side skirts are painted lightning blue metallic by Mini Vaughan to match the body color,so that the car looks lower and more stylish. This costs over $900 for it.

The car's invoice price was $35k, and paid $40k including tax. Now asking for $27,950. Pictures and VIN number are available upon request. No scratch, no dent, always indoor garaged and washed often. Best condition out there.

Owner needs to sell this car as soon as possible, in a week or two, please jump on it if you are serious. My email address is: i_n_f_o@n_e_t_b_y_a_i_r.com (take out all the understore)