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eta Epsilon
02-04-2009, 01:55 PM

I need to change my oil pan gasket.
I went to a lot of different forums and there is many versions of how to do it.

Has anybody here done it before? I will have acces to a real garage with all the tool possible (almost...:D) and a real mechanic will help me.

I would appreciate if you could tell me the least painfull way to do this.


02-04-2009, 03:03 PM
On a hoist is the best/LEAST painless way to do it even though its still a pain. Good luck.

S Dee
02-05-2009, 10:34 PM
I've done it 3 times on a couple of my old 325e cars I had. It's pretty straight forward and easy to do. I did it in my home garage after borrowing a buddy's engine hoist.

All I had to do is undo both engine mounts nuts to free the engine up. You need to lift the engine as much as possible allow the pan to come out from between the oil pump and the cross member. I just lifted the engine up until it started to bump up into the firewall.

After undoing all the bolts and removing the pan, make sure you get the gasket surfaces nice and clean. I used a high temp. oil resistant gasket sealer when reassembling it. Make sure you use a torque wrench to properly torque all the bolts down. It's also a good idea to tighten the bolts starting in the middle of the pan, criss-crossing side to side and working out to the ends. After that lower the engine down back onto the mounts and fasten the nuts again.

Don't forget to drain your oil before unbolting the pan