View Full Version : Once again my M42 let me down

02-18-2002, 03:21 AM
I'm very dissipointed with bmw for making such a crappy engine.
Sorry I have to vent out because my waterpump alternator belt broke again today (replaced it 3 months ago) this time it's because my water pump is screwed. it riped up the bmw belt like a shoe string!

Lets just say it's hard to work on a car when it's freezing cold outside!!!

Does anyone have a 318 and a mechanic that can get it running good.. my engine olny has 130 K on it and i'm sick and tired of dealing with it breaking down so often!

problems since last March:
-two sets of spark plugs
-5 belts
-seals (valve cover and oil pan)
-engine chip problems
-it miss fires sometimes
-heating problems
-knocking problems
-very rough running
-bad fuel economy (around 350 km per tank)
-and not to mention LACK OF TORQUE

thanks guys.. no one else wants to hear it anymore.

02-18-2002, 09:10 AM
Sorry to hear about all the problems, I've got a 91 318is with 257,000km on it and I really can't complain at all. The work I've been told to expect on the engine, when I got this car(117,000km) was the waterpump, front profile gasket and head gasket, all of which did get replaced on my car.

I'm in Burlington, and I take my car to Lorenzo at Carstars (Ontario Auto Collision) in Oakville on Wycroft, between Bronte Road and 3rd Line. He's a ex-Budd's BMW mechanic who opened his own shop about 5-7 years ago. Know the car very well and has often diagnoised things over the phone to the tee. His number is (905) 847-2595. Feel free to mention Mark Bidwell sent you. Good luck