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12-22-2008, 06:58 PM
I'm proably going to kick my ass for doing this later, but I have to. I need this gone as I'm moving and storage is being an issue. Anyway, it's a Red S14 with RB25 installed. It's using the McKinney kit with a custom driveshaft and rear Z32 subframe. The motor is installed, but it requires the following to get it running:
-Accessory Harnes
-MAF wiring
-Partial Interior
-Fuel pump

I have a front mount as well as stainless steel piping which I will include. I also have a Greddy style manifold so the IC piping does not run across the motor, which I can include. I also have a Walbro fuel pump, AEM EUGO and some gauges that I can include with the car.

The underbody and strut towers are in excellent condition. The driver side door had some rust but was patched up; not major. The interior is all here, just the door skins and the dash was removed to access wiring.

Sorry forgot to mention, there is a scuff on the hood and the front bumper and lights are currently not installed as we were trying to install the front mount. It comes with the HKS Dragger exhaust, but is not connected to the downpipe. Just need to have a straight tube welded or flanged on.

It does not require too much work to finish the project, but I'm in a tight spot so as much as I hate selling it I need to. I am open to trades, I prefer cash or trades plus cash, but will consider straight trades. Open to almost any sort of vehicle: coupes, sedans, SUV, pick up trucks etc. I need something that will be a good all year round vehicle. I might consider bikes as well.

Shoot me offers; not very stuck up on what kind of vehicle I would trade for so as I said shoot me your offers. I would prefer something newer with lower k's. I can be contacted anytime on my cell phone, 647-405-4566. If I do not answer, just leave me a voicemail and I will return your call as soon as possible. Asking $6500 OBO.

Some pics:




12-23-2008, 06:50 PM
Sold. Lock er up! Got a 325is !!!