View Full Version : FS: E36 coupe 1993 325Is Project car.

12-10-2008, 01:12 AM
I would like to apologize in advance for posting without pictures,
my computer crashed so i dont have pics anymore

Anyways, here we go:
Diamond Schwartz Metallic.
Black leather interior.
194xxxkm on stock everything
Strong clutch, strong engine.
Project car.

The Bad.
- Small crack in the windshield.
- quite a bit of rust on the body.
- Needs a fresh coat of paint.
- Needs a window motor for the driver side.
- Manual seat on driver side. (Opposed to the
power seat on the passenger.)
- Car hasn't ran in a couple months.
(Probably needs a battery by now)

The good.
- Low mileage for a 15 year old car.
- Recently bought a used door, and deck lid.
(came red, so i spray painted them black...
needless to say, didn't come out well.)
- Comes with an extra set of stock 15"
basketweave rims. (On top of the ones that
are on it)
- Also comes with a set of 17" m3 contours.
- Extra manual passenger side seat if interested.
- Also included is an extra nose panel with grilles.
(red.) Due to minor ding on right front. (No headlight
or rebar damage.)
- Comes with free driver side door glass.
- Comes with free Bilstein REAR lowering springs.
- Might be able to get some extra parts from a
friends parts car.

When i was using the car, it ran great, didn't give me any problems
mechanically. Just needed a new window motor.

Asking price is $2000 as is. Keep in mind im throwing in 2 extra sets
of rims, nose panel, driver side door glass, springs and possibly a
passenger side seat.

Car will have to be towed at buyers expense. Just trying to get most
of my money back people.. need to pay for school. Please, serious
inquiries only.

Again, i apologize for posting this without pictures. But if you are
interested, I'm located in Mississauga, near Mississauga rd. and the

Send me a pm or email at little.lee@hotmail.com and ill
try to get back to you asap.


12-10-2008, 01:29 PM
I'm be interested, but without pictures of the rust, I'm not going to drive from London. Borrow a camera and get some pictures. Send them to me:D

12-10-2008, 01:35 PM
yeah we need pictures, i want to see how bad is the rust!!

12-10-2008, 07:17 PM
I'll try to get them asap.