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11-20-2008, 05:26 PM
The rumors are true: After two months of deliberation I have finally decided that I think I am ready for a new project. I haven't completed this project to 100% yet but over the last few months have realized that one of my dream cars has finally fallen into my price range. The car was purchased from AndreNY and was meticulously maintained by him. I took it to the next level and was planning on going all out over the winter; completing the car in time for spring season (if I do not get what I am asking for it the car will be completed - don't worry guys). Having owned two e39s and driven many I can honestly say this is a perfect example of one of the finest BMWs ever built. The car has no rust and has under gone extensive modification by two people with some serious love for the game. Before you attack my price (feel free to NOT post if you don't have anything insightful to say) due to mileage read the entire listing. The car is a 1998 540/6 Sport Schwartz black with 178,xxx. I am ASKING $12,000 without the wheels (Schmidt’s). The only trades I will consider are for 00-01 740i Sports. I am not looking for iLs or 750s. Please spare me the "modifications aren't worth anything" spiel as I already know they don't up my resale value. I do however know that after spending at minimum $10,000 of my own money (paint was paid for out of pocket) and Andre spending $15 to 20k of his $ the car is worth the couple extra couple grand I am asking.

•Boser Hood (Stock Hood - Metal Extension)
•Shaved Roundels
•Custom Flared Fenders
•Custom Flared Quarters
•DDM e39 M5 Front Bumper w/fogs
•Hella Headlights
•Hella Euro Amber Celis LED tails with Ballast retrofit (done the correct way)
•OEM Euro Decklid
•6k Low beam HIDs
•6k Fog HIDs
•Shadowline Trim
•Authentic AC Schnitzer Sport mirrors
•Full re-spray performed August 2008 by www.TSAutoBody.com in Massachusetts (well over $5,000 with all the body work that was involved)

•18x8 (225/40/18) Mparell replica (like new)
•18x9.5 (255/35/18) Mparell replica (like new)
•Pirelli PZero Neros (less then 1k on them)

•Stock 740 steering wheel (the M3 wheel I have had in the car is being removed do to none compatibility in stage one cars)
•e46 ZHP Shift knob
•Rear Side Shades
•Rear Electric Shelf Shade
•K40 Stealth Radar Detector front/back
•BMW Rubber All-season Mats
•Rear Cup Holder Delete
•E39 m5 cluster rings and needles

Audio (DSP):
•Infinity Kappa 5-1/4s in front
•Infinity Kappa 5.1 Tweeters in front
•Infinity Kappa 5-1/4s in rear shelf
•LOC Converter for RCAs
•Elemental Designs Nine.4 Amplifier
•2 Elemental Designs 10 inch subs

•Magnaflow High flow cats
•Magnaflow Muffler
•Resonator Delete
•Superchips chip and ECU re-flash
•Rogue Ultimate Short Shifter
•K&N Drop In High-Flow Air Filter

•Bilstein Pss9 (helper springs are removed but included)
•TCD thrust bearings

Recent Maintenance (within 10k):
•Sachs Clutch
•Dual Mass Flywheel
•Slave Cylinder
•Water pump
•Fan Clutch
•Valve Cover Gaskets
•Valley Pan Gasket
•Rear intake valve
•All intake gaskets
•Control arms (front and rear)
•Sway bar links
•Tie rod end links
•Any Misc Bushings (front and rear)
•Cross Drilled Rotors (front and rear)
•Akebono Pads (front and rear - no dust ;))
•02 Sensors

(Within 8k):
•Expansion Tank with new Shroud
•Accumulator Pipe Seals
•TCS cables
•Both Cooling Hoses
•Power steering lines
•NGK Plugs
•New Cabin Filters
•K&N Drop In High-Flow Air Filter
•Shifter Bushings
•Original Alternator was removed and rebuilt
•Original Starter was removed and rebuilt

I know for 100% that I am forgetting a few things. The car was in a recent fender bender in NYC and was repaired without the replacement of any original panels. The rear bumper was replaced, and one taillight had to be replaced. The trunk was repaired but is still original. I've included the one photo I have from the body shop so you can see the quality of the paint work. I can also provide a few from the accident so any interested buyer could see the damage (along with a receipt of what was done to the rear – the car received a full re-spray on top of that). In my opinion, you will not find another example as clean as this 540 anywhere. I realize the mileage is high but for the work performed (all notorious issues these cars have been addressed) I don't think the $3,000 extra I am asking is much. It books in the $9,000 range in good condition on KBB. I consider this car to be excellent minus a little wear on the driver’s seat and a few hiccups.

The bad:
•Needs AC fan
•Needs Front Cup Holder
•May need 2 cats (I will give $150 for the two magnaflow replacements)
•The Short Shifter may need to be replaced due to it being stripped by the previous owner during installation.

•$12,000 OBO (I paid $14,000 for the car last November and have only taken it further since).

Seller References:
•Over 20 itrader reviews (I’ve parted out two entire cars on BF.c
•Various e39 owners in my region can attest to the quality and care that has been put into this car as well as its condition.

Some semi recent pictures (before I got my ambers back on in back):






The Schmidts are NOT included in the sale of this car. I am working on getting my mparrs and mounting the tires tonight/tomorrow. I will update pics then.

Click Sig pic for more pictures.

11-20-2008, 05:44 PM
sweet car, and fantastic price!
good luck!

11-20-2008, 11:50 PM
Sweet hood!

$12k USD?

11-21-2008, 03:38 AM
sweet car, and fantastic price!
good luck!

Thank You!

Sweet hood!

$12k USD?

Yes, $12k USD. Thanks!

11-21-2008, 04:43 AM
Is this car registered in the canada?

11-21-2008, 07:30 AM
Is this car registered in the canada?

The plates are from Massachussets poster is from Boston.
I would have to say No.

11-21-2008, 11:20 AM
love the hood!

11-21-2008, 01:40 PM
The car is in MA. Not a Canadian car.


11-24-2008, 12:00 AM
since you are parting the rims are you selling them seperate. ive been in love with these rims since i first saw your car. if so i am very interested

11-25-2008, 03:40 AM
since you are parting the rims are you selling them seperate. ive been in love with these rims since i first saw your car. if so i am very interested

Not at the moment. They are being kept for the next project. If things change you will be the first to know.

- Olek

11-26-2008, 01:14 AM
Updated (crappy) Pics with the mparrs:






More pics and a few interior shots. Sorry the weather has been terrible. When it improves I will take pics again and clean the car.