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11-08-2008, 01:13 PM
Need to get rid of some of the parts I have been accumulating before the snow comes:

Set of beige (Natur or Perlebeige, the darker of the two) cloth heated sport seats. I'm not sure if the heaters work, as the car they're in doesn't have that option. The covers on the front seat bottoms have seen better days, but would be good to throw seat covers on or recover. Rear seat has ski pass-thru, but no bag. Asking $50, I'd rather someone use them than see them go to the scrapper. Can include the door panels (2dr, dyed black by PO)


Also have 3 good condition hoods, $40 each OBO.

-- One is swartz (black) , with the one piece hood insulation.

-- One is grey primer, roundel has been shaved, and ///M stripes painted on inside.

-- One is Zobelbraun (dark brown metallic paint)

Also have some early 318i parts that need to go, taking offers as I know there is not a huge demand for this stuff...

-- 2 x m10b18 heads, one from 84 360k +, one from 85 with 88k

-- 2 x distributors -- The one from the 84 has new pulse generator & other internals, 85 with only 88k km's

--2 x m10 radiators

-- 2 x AFM's, one has been opened, but not tampered with.

Parts for the plastic inlet heater box (blower, heater core), if there is any interest in this stuff, I can probably pull it, but it's a biotch, so I'd need a firm committment first.

Idle control module (ICM) from 85 318i

I still have the whole car until next weekend, if there is any interest in little parts I haven't listed, PM me.

Located in Lindsay, ON (approx. 1 hr north of Oshawa)

craz azn
11-08-2008, 10:02 PM
Do those cylinder heads (M10B18) have an intake manifold? If so, LMK, I will grab it off ya. Thanks