View Full Version : help me decide which one to buy!!

10-20-2008, 12:29 AM
ok an E32 735 with full body kit and some nice rims has 330,000kms . runs like a ****in champ. i mean holly **** LOL. needs rotors and brakes ( he said he will give me a free 88 735il for free with the sale) price is 4500:idea:

1995 740i E38 that thing has 333,000kms . its fully loaded , nice paint , and interior. it might need a valve cover gasket and maybe a front suspensions ?? it drives good .but its an 1995 and i don't really know if this thing has the Nikasil block?? asking 6000$ with rims:idea:

help me decide which one to choose?

i know i am getting the E32 LOLZ*smoke*



the E32 comes with a full history aka serivce shit*love*