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10-01-2008, 11:27 AM
Before you read,, I am not sure if he's on this board. But he's Asian and drives a steel grey 330i zhp.. Just a heads up to you guys. The transaction was done on e46toronto. Don't read if it's too long for yall haha.

I will share my wonderful experience with this person, DEVAS. On Wednesday, he PM-ed me about my 17s M68s with tires. I was selling the set for $850. He was interested in only the wheels so he offered $600. I told him to come down and see them first. So he came down on thursday at around 10pm. He liked them and offered $600. I asked if he wanted the tires too, they were almost brand new. I could sell the set to him for $700, which was a great deal already. He offered me $650. I was like, whatever, you came down already, so let's do it.

At this point, he told me he didn't bring any cash. Okay, you didn't prepare yourself, that's fine, go to a bank. He asked if I had paypal, he could use my computer and could send me the money right away. I told him I did not prefer paypal because there was the 3%. I suggested (I am such a dumba$$) using Email money transfer because I've never had any problem. He came up to my apartment, sent $650 from his TD Bank to my email. He showed me the email and confirmation page. This would usually take within an hour for me to get the email to accept the money.

So I was being nice person, I let him go with the wheels/tires. An hour has past and still nothing. Okay, that's fine, I will wait until the next day. In the morning I pm-ed him, asking if he could send the email notification again. He said he would call TD. Once he called, he replied saying it would take another 24hr to send the email again.

The next day, I pm-ed him "where the email?" He answered he was glad the money WENT through because I would have to meet him in Mississauga. WHAT? I've never received nothing. He said he called TD and money was accepted. Did anyone used my email? No. Even so, I get instant email notifications straight to my cellphone, so I would have logged in right away before any hackers did. He called TD and said it's the weekend, so they are closed.

I asked for his number for zillion of times because the number I tried to called didn't work no more . He said I was threatening and aggressive so PMs would be enough. Funny thing was when Chris called, magic happened and he picked up.

I was really patient so I waited until Monday to pm him again. I informed him that I had a friend who's a police officer so he would help us in any way if anything went wrong. He took it negatively and said his step father was a cop too blahblahblah. I still told him I would file a police report against the whole situation because I was the one without the money, not him. All of a sudden he changed his tone.

On Tuesday, he said TD might have traced the money, it would take him 24 hrs to receive it. Okay, I asked if he could meet up the next day. He said no, he was on a business trip UNTIL friday. Then I asked if he could send me a paypal payment. He said no, he would get paid on thursday. He said he won't send me money until he receive the money back from TD because he had no money. So basically he's telling me he has less than $650 in his account.

I was furious at that point. I spoke to the admins and they were very supportive and cooperative in this situation. It wouldn't be hard for us to trace the guy with the help of Toronto Police. So I told him I would file a police report either today or tomorrow. All of a sudden I received two PMs and Two SMSs (no calling display info) telling me that it would be a disadvantage for me because it would take time to go to small claim court and etc. I didn't care, I just wanted my money back.

Oh, all of a sudden he said don't worry, I have the money now. Give me your paypal. I sent him my paypal and guess what. $600 instead of $650. Oh great. Then I PM again asking for the $50. He lied again saying we agreed on $600. He said I could get the rims/tires back and pay him $600..

Okay whatever, take the $50. Keep the wheels/tires, scammer.

Coles notes:
1) he sent me a email money transfer then cancelled it right away when he reached home.
2) he lied to me about TD closing on saturday on sunday. this was fraud, i am pretty sure they are opened on weekend.
3) he never picked up his cell when i called... when Chris called for me, he picked up and had a conversation ... sketchy huh...
4) he deleted his personal email right away from his e46toronto profile after our transaction
5) he said he was on a business trip on friday, but yet he said he could meet me on thursday for payment cause he will get paid on that day
6) he said he didn't have ANY money in his account after the disappearance of $650.
7) he then lied about $600 instead of $650 even though I wrote it down on a piece of paper the day of transaction.
8) he told me to come pick up the rims and tires if it was 650 instead of 600.
9) he said we would have to meet in mississauga but in fact he lives in thornhill from his paypal record
10) he paid me right away when I said i would file police reports by today.

i will not post his personal information because it's not appropriate.. but his username is Devas .. and if anyone wants more info, pm me. Oh , he's Asian with a steel grey 330 zhp.

Grow up kid, be a man and admit to the things you've done. If you don't have the money, don't buy anything. You cant just steal stuff from someone and expect to get away from it. And if it's just $50 , why don't you man and pay me back? If you were innocent and the whole situation was the bank's fault, why wouldn't you reply to your emails or answer your phone? You could easily logged onto different computer to check my PMs, but there's no way for me to trace you unless you use your computer from home.

Boots R
10-01-2008, 11:38 AM
Do you remember what his personal email is?

10-01-2008, 11:55 AM
ya bro
longho @ rogers.com

10-01-2008, 12:18 PM
get him boots! i hate bastards like that.

Boots R
10-01-2008, 12:33 PM
wtf, it's like he's invisible.

No facebook, no myspace, no photo accounts, he's not registered to any other forums with that email.

The only thing I found, was that he Bought hiw BMW in Moncton NB in June, and they totally ****ed him on it lol.

Oh, and his name is Long Ho. :huh?:

10-01-2008, 12:42 PM
hahah thanksss

10-01-2008, 01:14 PM
you should have just dealt with cash. you could have made him go to his bank and be back with the $650 in 15 minutes. and that probably takes less time than an e-mail money transfer anyways

10-01-2008, 04:31 PM
ya lesson learnt. i did suggest for the nearest TD, but he insisted on using paypal.. i happened to have EMT.. so...

10-01-2008, 06:47 PM
Christ Jer, rule 1 is cash only for local deals. but at least you did recieve majority of your money. didnt see you at bimmercruise hows the car?

10-01-2008, 07:03 PM
hey bro, i know i know lol haha

i went back to stock. car is at autopia now.. installing stock bumpers =( no more modding for me haha selling the car next year. hows the car?