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09-30-2008, 03:40 PM
Ok maxbimmer,

hopefully i can get alot of people to chime in.

i recently purchased 2 kicker CVR 12's a BOSS 1600Watt 2 channle amp

and a ALpine CDA 9884 head unit.

now the install shop i went to in st catharines told me.

"that my system is 2 powerful for the box and 9/10 times my subs will blow"

my freind told me before i bought the system that the box was garbage and i would need something better..

basically i just dont want my subs to blow.

now my question is this guy just trying to get me into buying a 250 dollar custom made sub box. or will i be able to bring out some bass power with out blowing these subs???

thanks in ahead of time max bimmer

10-01-2008, 11:56 AM
Those subs are dual 2ohm, which means total impedence on each sub is 4ohm. Your amp only makes 300WRMS at 4ohm per channel, which is well below the indicated limit of 400.

Your subs might still blow, but it wont be because of too much wattage.

Boots R
10-01-2008, 12:38 PM
wtf $250?

If you don't care how it looks, go buy 3/4" MDF board and make your own box

10-01-2008, 12:56 PM
Well, each sub is dual 2 ohm........... which also means they could be wired for a 4 ohms each............ and then series for an 8 ohm load.............. that amps puts out 1600 watts into a 4 ohm mono load............ hazarding a guess that it's like about 800 watts for an 8 ohm load. Each sub takes 400 watts........... you should be ok if my brain is working right on this !! So all this stuff should work that you have.

BTW, unless the box construction is absolute garbage and held together by pins and needles.............. and build with crappy wood, then the box is likely not going to let go. The subs on the other hand could go depending on how they are wired.

The box looks like a bandpass design....... which means it's limited to a specific frequency range (say 20hz to 100 hz for example..... it will not play outside that range)........... not a big fan of these boxes although some subwoofers do really well with this design.

You can keep the box and subs........... I think your best bet is to return that amp and ............ A. buy something of better quality then BOSS and ...... B. if you decide to do that, then get something that does well with a 2 ohm mono load of about 800 watts (assuming the poster above was right about the subs being 400 watts RMS each). Bridge each sub voice coil in parallel to have them do 1 ohm mono each and then put the subs in series for an overall 2 ohm mono load.

Either way.......... you should be able to make something work out of it.

10-01-2008, 01:03 PM
I've been doing systems since I was 16 (all thou I stopped about 2 years ago) and I never heard of a speaker blowing because of the box. BUT the box does make a significant difference in the sound and quality of sound it produces

10-01-2008, 08:28 PM
thanx everyone for the quick reply. i havnt really got into sound but im learning more each day. i bought this package on ebay with that shitty box the Boss amp (was supposed to send a legacy amp). so far im very pleased with this system.
its alot of improvment from the stock system. (Mk2 Jetta) i couldnt even hear the beggining of "stairway to heaven" on the highway. needed to be fixed.

thanx again maxbimmer

10-04-2008, 10:21 AM
250 bucks eh, you either got a sick deal or you got ripped off...badly

Mickey Knox
10-29-2008, 10:39 PM
just wanted to post up my setup because i really like it and it sound phenomenal. this system can make your eyeballs vibrate if you wish.

this amp (Boston accoustic GT-24)

driving a pair of these (Boston accoustic G5 - Wired parallel for 2Ohm Single channel)

sitting in this box (rear deck dual 10 inch enclosure)

4 channel amp (Boston accoustic GT-42)

driving this set of speakers (raindbow audio) in the rear deck, the kick panel and the door tweeter, not using the mid range for the door, they are junk/uselees anyways.

I am using this headunit (JVC KDX-5000)

The Pros on the headunit
- I like the navi system ( antenna can be attached above the third brake lightand wired through the trunk nicely). some reviewers want more gadgets but i like the way it is simple and get the job done. It even shows you the distance to the next turn and the direction while looking at the AV screen. the navi data sits on the internal harddrive and uses 16 of the 40 gig. maps are all north american and canada. with 16 Mio POI, which is nice when you are hungry or need fuel.

- i dont watch dvds on it so i cant comment on that.

- Media Server. This is the reason i bought the unit. I wanted to dump all my mp3s on the harddrive and be done with cd's. for one, this is my first upper class car audio system and now i can tell the difference in sound between a proper cd and a mp3, worlds apart. number two, and this is the worst part, even though it read dvds and runs on some kind of windows, they couldnt just implement a simple ID3 tag based system where you can just put a flat archive on the harddisc and then display the selection by the usual artist, title, album etc. you have to copy everything album by album. At least it takes the folder and file names and lables stuff correctly, but it takes about 3-5 minutes per mp3 album, and you HAVE to use genres. under which you sort your albums. i had the unit now about 8 weeks and its still not even half full, and stuff is just all over the place, its a mess. This would be the main reason i would not recommend the unit, unless you are looking for a navi system that will leave you with a HVAC control and is not dnaglinh from your windshield like a monkey, and you dont care about the media server.

It does also play audio DVD which sounds very high quality.

10-30-2008, 04:45 PM
Just for future reference, CVR's come in both dual 2 and dual 4 ohm. Could be either.