View Full Version : FS Mint BMW e30 M-Tech II Sport Cloth Seats

09-13-2008, 12:21 PM
I have installed an almost brand new leather interior into my 89 Euro BMW e30 which came with an M-Tech II package.
The car has 80,000 Km on it, yes your are seeing right, so the M-Tech II sport (Recaro) seats are in mint condition. They are no different from the other Recaro sport seats except for the M stripes on the back rests.

As I said, these seats are in mint condition, no tears, not worn bolsters, no broken sponge, binding to tight adjusters etc. No stains, cigarette burns, nada, zippo. The mechanical functions and sturdiness of these seats are like brand new, firm and precise.

I was thinking of keeping them but it makes no sense since I can use race seats in my other e30 project and someone can have the benefit of these.

PS. I AM SELLING THEM WITHOUT THE SEAT RAILS, but would be willing to swap yours into these and install them for you into your car.

I have spoken to a few people to assist in pricing and they said the seats are worth around CDN $950.00 To cover seats like these will be well over $ 1,500. I would like to be fair but don't want to sell them less than their approximate value. Seats are from a complete set, colors are exactly the same on all three seats.
Toss me low a ball and I will hit it for six runs into the stadium ;)

They are the same color, same set but by not using the flash made the rear seats look darker, forgot to edit the pics.

PICS cominghttp://bmw.turboready.com/phpbb2/files/drivers_side_239.jpghttp://bmw.turboready.com/phpbb2/files/passenger_side_311.jpghttp://bmw.turboready.com/phpbb2/files/back_seats_752.jpghttp://bmw.turboready.com/phpbb2/files/drivers_side_bolster_292.jpghttp://bmw.turboready.com/phpbb2/files/back_rest_side_253.jpg