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08-30-2008, 10:23 AM
I'm never gonna get around to putting this on, might as well sell it.

Its a m50 manifold (off a 325). All i've done is clean it, and shave the plastic between the intake runners (two reasons, it looks better, and you can do stuff like clean your ICV without removing your manifold)


You can offer me less, but i paid more than this for it, so i doubt i'd take it.

per request, picture:


Please note, this item will be first come, first serve. Too many threads on max with people backing out of sales. If you want it, come get it.

Bimmer Heaven
08-30-2008, 11:38 AM
Great price! Someone should get this!*th-up*

08-30-2008, 11:46 AM
^^^ I agree, good price from a trusted seller. If I didn't already have one, i'd be all over this.

08-30-2008, 01:41 PM
^^thanks guys. Got a few offers of 100$, holding off on them for now. If no one ends up buying it in a few weeks at 120, i probably will take up one of the 100$ offers, but i'm not gonna sell it at that price just yet.

Bimmer Heaven
08-31-2008, 01:59 AM
People are too cheap! For $20 more you get it local, no shipping BS, right away, and from a trusted seller! Is $20 really worth the gamble!?

08-31-2008, 02:29 AM
Whats with the "MPOWER" scratched in?

Is it removable?

08-31-2008, 12:59 PM
^^its written on in pencil, i was going to attach silver badging that said mpower.

It can be removed with a pencil eraser, i will be happy to do it for you if you like.

Thanks for the kind words fil!

08-31-2008, 01:07 PM
I may be picking a manifold off someone today but if it's falls through, I'll more than likely buy this one.

09-02-2008, 11:11 AM
^^ alright man, let me know.

09-02-2008, 11:47 AM
sorry picked it up.

Bump for a good price and big hp gains though

09-05-2008, 07:32 PM

09-06-2008, 03:39 AM
HRMMM. Tempting! I have to deal with my brakes first, but I think I may have enough cash leftover to grab this from you. I'll be in touch :)