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08-07-2008, 11:52 AM
Is anybody familiar with Alpine's i-personalize interface? I've never really gone all out on audio before (a decent deck and sub/amp combo were all I've ever spent money on) and the car I recently picked up has a pretty sweet system in it *rockout*. But I feel it isn't being used to it's maximum potential. There are three different groups of settings in i-personalize.

Time correction
Crossover control
Parametric Eq

Time correction is easy enough, measure distances and plug them in. The other two I have no idea how to set. I understand how crossover control works but I don't know how to extrapolate the settings I need to plug in from the speaker specifications. The equalizer to me is more of a trial and error operation done inside the car but if anyone has suggestions on a good preset for them please share.

I'm new to the audio stuff so take it easy if I said anything stupid.

Cliff notes: How do I determine what settings to put into i-personalize crossover control and parametric equalizer?