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08-02-2008, 02:15 PM
Selling project car: $3000.00 or best offer.
Selling as is and as a complete package. Will part out if there are no takers.
Car: 1987 325es. 280K kms. Manual. 2.97 limited slip diff.

The good:

She runs. Body structure is solid. Tracks straight.
New engine, differential and transmission fluids as of this year. All synthetic.
New free-flow muffler. Suspension is tight, sporty and comfortable. No issues.
Stereo works! Wiper motor works. Power windows work. Recent valve adjustment.

The bad:

There is rust. The sunroof has visible rust spots. The lower driver’s side door is showing hidden rust at the bottom. The driver’s side front fender is showing hidden rust. The trunk lid is showing some rust.
The power steering pump is noisy. Might be under aftermarket warranty.
The passenger side window needs attention. It works but is noisy.
The dash is cracked in two places. Glove box lock is broken. One of the rear seat belts is not working. Air conditioning is not working. Sunroof railings broken. Sunroof lever needs to be replaced.


M-roadster shift lever-already installed. Will include factory lever.
EAT chip-already installed. Will include factory chip.
“IS” front air dam. Factory fog lights are pitted.
All three mounting brackets-UNBROKEN!
Zender side moldings-good condition.
Zender rear spoiler-good condition.
Shifter boot-new!
Dash felt cover-like new.
KVR carbon brake pads-2 years old.
1 set of BMW winter wheels and tires
1 set of BMW bottle cap wheels and another set of BMW bottle cap wheels with tires.
1 set of O.Z. “Turbo” 15” wheels. These are 3-piece forged wheels. ULTRA RARE!
Straight and true but needs cosmetic work. Slight curb rash.
1 ATE grooved front brake disk.
1 red Sparco strut brace-new and installed.
1 rear window with defroster. Untinted.
6 x 17.5 lbs injectors from a 535i.
Finally, a European 323i head. This is the “731” head. This will bolt on the ETA motor without mods. With a tuned chip and later model ECU and harness, it will yield at least +40 bhp or more.

Belts will need to be changed next year.

I’ll get 3K if I part out the car but I don’t want the hassle.
Selling because of a new job=less time.

PM me. Lowballers will get a chuckle and discarded.
Pic of the car is in the signature.

08-03-2008, 08:17 AM

george K
08-03-2008, 08:34 AM
Let me know if there are no takers, I have the same car an 86 es. Need some parts. Can you buy the brackets for that spoiler and who has them.

08-04-2008, 10:16 AM
Hehe...those brackets are unavailable and highly sought after.
They're practically new.
I got them from a gentleman who made a small batch from the moldings off the original factory part. Absolute factory fit and strength. I'm not saying that to push the sale.

08-08-2008, 10:11 PM
Will sell the car without the extras. $1300.00. She runs and handles well.