View Full Version : white e90 sedan and technoviolet E46 speeding down mavis

07-29-2008, 09:43 AM
yesterday ~ 9pm

saw a white e90 maybe 325 couldnt see (looked stock) and a technoviolet E46 (might have been a diff. colour looked like technoviolet but with a little bit of purple in it?) speeding down mavis weaving in and out of traffic and cutting people off

the E46 looked like it had chrome rims (or very highly polished), lowered, smoked tails MAYBE... btw your right tail light is out

anyways, whoever it was were driving like morons and the guy in the E46 cut me off,

i tried to catch up and ask to pay you guys to be my friends because you looked so cool but it didn't work out :rolleyes: