View Full Version : Anyone shipped to US with DHL?

07-10-2008, 05:51 PM
hey guys,

Someone is interested in my rims from e46fanatics and I want to ship with DHL(to North Carolina). I had a few questions:

-Is there insurance? (iknow i prob. have to call them but incase someone has already shipped with them and have experience)
-How should I ask for the money? Is it reasonable if I ask the guy to deposit the money in my savings account before I ship the rims?
-What about duties? Will he end up paying them?

Any experience with DHL?



07-10-2008, 06:08 PM
I ship with DHL to the states all the time. There is insurance. First 150$ is free, after that i believe its 2.95$ for every 100$ over that. I strongly suggest getting insurance, DHL is great to deal with if something goes wrong (better than UPS/Fedex)

ABSOLUTELY get the money before you ship it. Whenever i have a big shipment going somewhere, what i do is:
-write up a bill of sale
-Provide the buyer with a photocopy of some peice of government ID (drivers licence), and my home phone number (a number that if you do a reverse lookup on, it will show the same last name/address as on the ID)

-Ask the buyer for the same thing. Land line registered to his name/address, + photocopy of gov't ID.

Then, both of you have information on each other, gives you a little extra security.

Wait for him to pay you in full, then ship the items. Try to do it promptly (if at all possible, within 24hrs of recieving payment)
He will pay duties on the declared amount (declared amount HAS to be the same as insurance purchased. You can't buy 25K worth of insurance for something you declared as being worth 200$)
If you follow these steps, you will likely have a problem-free sale.


07-10-2008, 08:34 PM
awesome, thanks for the information!