View Full Version : Problem with my door lock

07-07-2008, 12:49 AM
guys...i need your help or some info. just yesterday my drivers side door lock doesn't open when i push my automatic door thing on my car. i have a 2004 330ci. and when i push the button inside the car, beside the hazard lights button, the drivers side door does not open. but the passenger side does open when i do it either way.

when i close the door and push the automatic button on my key chain, the lock closes. so it does respond, but only on closing and not opening. but then, when i turn my car on and the doors are unlocked, when you press the brake to change gears, the doors automatically are supposed to lock. but the driver side does not.

so the lock never opens, only if i put the key in the keyhole then it opens, and only closes with most features. one other thing, that blue flashing light on the front dash. when i lock the doors and car is off, it does not flash...just stays on solid.

any ideas...i doubt its a fuse cause i would assume it would work only manually. is it maybe wiring or a relay. or any ideas. thanks.